Our mission is to bring education of international standard in education within the reach of every Child. We are committed to the maintenance of excellence in education, imparting child centric programmes, research on skill development and healthcare for the benefit of the child.

  • To attempt on act in response like parents,
  • Foster their inherent skill-sets by nurturing their unique potential with proven methodology,
  • Keep updating the system based on our research to provide the best out the of bests.
  • Philosophy

    "Happy Nest is the perfect place for CHILD RIGHTS*" where we create the atmosphere with successfully proven methods to support all the hatchlings to develop their inherent skill sets to cope up with the society.

    Every bird from our Nest on their wings is happy in his/her own liberty.

    It could be a Cuckoo - Good in Singing,

    A Peacock - Beautiful Dancer,

    An Ostrich - A Fast Runner,

    An Eagle - Soar High in the Sky. But even they are different from each other; there is enough freedom for all in this vast World.

    Birds are of various natures with different features.

    Our trained Teachers are familiar with and appreciate each of these birds and could try to make the nightingale to sing better, help eagle to fly faster etc. They will NOT try to convert Falcons to Parrots or vice versa.

  • Make all children independent, after all every bird has to find its own food
  • Recognize and understand the children's strengths and weaknesses
  • Teach every child to work hard
  • Teach them to fly in their interest zones and they will attain higher heights and go on the path for achievement & happiness.

    *Child Rights - Cleanliness, Clothing, Physical & Emotional, Psychological Treatment, Safety, Supervision of Children, Curriculum, Delivery of Curriculum, Educational and non-educational milestone, Behavioral aspects of Teaching and Non-teaching Staff.