Early age between 2-6years of child play a significant role in the development of skills, values and attitudes through several activities. Each child has unique needs and interests, so the activities revolve round the requirements and abilities of our children.

Activities are planned keeping in mind the children's creativity and aesthetics, sensory, physio-motor and gross motor skills and social skills. They are devised in such a way that they stimulate the mind, aid in the healthy mental growth and give adequate training in reading and writing readiness.

Activities also cater to the emotional, intellectual and social development of the young ones. They help in developing healthy habits, basic necessary skills and values. They are simple, stress free and foster values like importance of family, cleanliness, friendship, food habits and hygiene.


  • UKG Graduation Day - April
  • Annual Day - March
  • Maria Montessori Day - 31st August
  • Pongal at school - January
  • Montessori School Day - 6th January
  • Christmas - 25th December
  • Children's Day - 14th November
  • Diwali celebrations
  • Teacher's Day - 5th September
  • Mothers' Day - 11th May
  • Fathers' Day - 5th June
  • Joy of Giving Week - 2nd to 8th Oct
  • Field Trips

  • Supermarket
  • Pottery
  • Museum
  • Bakery
  • Park
  • Post Office
  • Aquarium
  • Beach
  • Railway Station
  • Zoo
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