About Us

Happy Nest Montessori Pre-School was established in Pondicherry with a mission to prepare dynamic individuals by providing an enriching learning environment filled with ample resources and untold of multi sensorial activities. It is managed by "PEGASUS EDUCATIONAL TRUST" comprises of well knowledgeable members from different fields with passion to explore and having more than 45 years collective experiences.



Happy Nest Montessori Pre-School recognized to prepare children to face tomorrow's challenges. In complement to the preschool, the school also offers many unique workshops for children of varied age groups. The School focuses on the development of the whole child by presenting challenging activities that promote awareness and understanding, while allowing children to enjoy their childhood. The School has created a learning atmosphere that is fun and educational, giving your child a positive outlook on learning where the child will thrive intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically, complimenting the love and care they receive at home. The children should cherish their preschool years as they embrace the challenges in life and they would like to be remembered as the preschool that laid the foundation for them to be happy, successful, and confident individuals who can stand as an example to society.

We are:

  • A Pre-School of international standards well within city limits
  • Faculties with teaching experience and trained by prestigious trainers
  • Emphasis on Phonics right from Pre-School
  • Media room with abundant educational videos
  • Regular worksheets for language arts, math, science, art, and more
  • Classroom equipped with best educational aids and toys
  • Low students - teacher ratio, enabling better individual attention
  • Child friendly, Secure, and an ideal environment for learning
  • Consulting Doctor & Nutritionist
  • Excellent Parental Support